Yard Signs – Show Your Support

Through the generosity of a supporter, Friends of the Farm has procured two hundred 18” x 24” yard signs to create awareness concerning the plight of the Farm at 1215 McCormick Rd. and Total Equine Learning Center. We offer “Save the Farm” and “Save the Horses” signs.

If you would like to host a yard sign and help spread the word; please email us with your name, address, preferred sign, and approximate location where you would like the sign placed. We will place a sign in that location and you are free to rearrange it as desired.

We expect the signs to be most helpful during the next 6 months as the master planning process for the farm/park unfolds and that they may be taken down by the end of the year.

You can amplify our message by further reviewing our website and telling friends and neighbors what we are about.

To request a yard sign, please email ericfairchild0@gmail.com