How Can I Help?

Parking Space (to Left) across from Farm House.

Here are some ways to help

1. Email us and register your support. We will send you updates so you can more easily follow the project, know when public meetings are to be held, etc. Please tell us whether or not you are a UAT resident.

2. Host a yard sign. It’s the best way we know to help create awareness and show community support. We offer “Save the Farm” and “Save the Horses” signs. Email us and request your yard sign today.

3. Talk with friends and neighbors in casual conversation about the need to preserve the farm and why it is important for our broader community. We suggest four (4) broad areas for discussion; History, Horses, Passive & Natural Use, and utilizing McCormick Rd. as a Greenway or Green Rt.

4. Walk on McCormick Rd. There is a pull off space for about two (cars) across from the farm house. This allows for closer inspection of the farm and a walk to the Glen Allen Mill Bridge is about 8/10 mile round trip. Experiencing this environment first hand will give you a better perspective on how this historic farm integrates with McCormick Rd. and why it’s preservation is so important.

5. Attend an upcoming TELC session to see first hand what Ms. Hocker does with children and ponies. Sessions are held a 645 Sawmill Rd. most Saturdays. You can call Ms. Hocker at 717-766-4035 to confirm the next scheduled session(s).

6. Write a more detailed email or letter on why you support a historic, equine, natural or passive use of this land. This makes it authentic and everyone benefits from our collective stories, suggestions and wisdom. We can publish it in our Letters and Words of Support section using only your first name and general location.

7. Blog. If you would like to supplement one of our posts or write a new one, add photos, etc. please let us know. Sections of the blog / website on Community Gardens, The Glen Allen Mill, etc. can be expanded.

8. Post on social media. Tell your Facebook friends about the farm and share links, etc. We are not on Next Door, etc. at this point.

9. Join the Residents of Upper Allen Facebook page so you can see our posts and comments made there.

10. Comment on our Facebook posts and help steer the conversation in a positive direction.

11. Contact the Commissioners and/or Park and Recreation Board members through Scott Fraser, Upper Allen Township Manager, 100 Gettysburg Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055, ph. 717-766-0756 or email

12. Contact our elected Upper Allen Commissioners directly. You may know them as neighbors or through Church, school, sports or civic groups, etc.:

Mr. Ken Martin (Chairman)

Ms. Virginia Anderson

Mr. Rick Castranio

Mr. Jim Cochran

Mr. Jeff Walter

13. Contact the appointed Park & Recreation Board Members directly. You may know them as neighbors or through Church, school, sports or civic groups, etc.:

Mr. Jeff Williams (Chairman)

Mr. John Burch (Asst. Chairman)

Mr. John Walton

Ms. Lauren Sanker

Mr. Jason Saposnek

Mr. Daniel Harrison

Ms. Christina Dryden

14. Contact our elected Cumberland County Commissioners at 1 Courthouse Square, 2nd Floor, Suite 200 Carlisle, PA 17013 ph. 717-240-6150 or email:

Mr. Gary Eichelberger

Ms. Jean Foschi* *(UAT Resident)

Mr. Vince Defippo

15. Contact our elected State Representative, State Senator and U.S. Congressman:

Ms. Sheryl Delozier (State Representative) District Office 2929 Gettysburg Road, Suite 6 Camp Hill PA 17011 ph. 717-761-4665

Mr. Mike Regan (State Senator) District Office 1 East Harrisburg Street Dillsburg, PA 17019 ph. 717-432-1730

Mr. Scott Perry (U.S. Congressman) Cumberland County District Office 730 North Front Street Wormleysburg, PA 17043 ph. 717-635-9504

Transcript of February 2, 2022 Discussion of 1215 McCormick Rd. Residential Structure


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