A to Z List of Possible UAT Farm/Park Activities & Amenities

There are a multitude of activities and amenities we can devise as a community for the historic horse farm at 1215 McCormick Rd. This initial list includes items geared toward a passive farm/park with a historic and equine theme on the McCormick Rd. side of the property:

Amphitheater (outdoor classes and events)

Ancestry (What happened to Michael & Mary Lambert?)

Annex (classroom and meeting venue, caretaker or farm manager / intern apartment)

Archeology (Indian artifacts, William Scoot log house, W. Lambert Farm)

Astronomy (place a reasonably powerful telescope somewhere on site / Naylor Observatory suggestions)

Bee Keeping (local group suggestions)

Barn for Events (groups, tours, etc.)

Barn for Horses (12 horses lower level; hay storage, etc. upper level)

Benches (observation, comfort, picnicking, etc.)

Biking (informal + Harrisburg Bike Club suggestions)

Bird Watching (informal + Audubon Society suggestions)

Boy Scouts (Local Troops, merit badges, special events or projects)

Camping (sites, Summer Programs)

Community Gardens (personal or group plots of various sizes, formal policies, classroom teaching)

Community Service (farm & park maintenance)

Creek Access (see Yellow Breeches, suggested alternative site for watercraft access at Scherich’s Fording)

Entry Drive (from Rt. 114, suggested tree lined)

Equine (existing and potential programs): Adult Horsemanship Clinic, Barn Tours, Camp & Clinic, Equine Therapy (special needs, PSTD, local support services), Hay Rides, Foaling, Indoor Riding Ring (other uses possible), Mini Horses, Perimeter Trail, Police Training (for mounted park patrol and other UAT events), Pony Riding (Children, Adults, Seniors), Read & Ride (library collaboration), Riding Camp, Sleigh Rides, Summer Camp, Youth Horsemanship Clinic

Farmhouse (suggested that it and appx. 3 acres be offered for sale with the stipulation that the exterior be restored to period. Proceeds to be used for other farm/park improvements. Other suggested use ideas are encouraged)

Fencing (retained as needed to allow separation of equine & other activities)

Field Trips (schools)

Fire Pits (in ground, designated areas)

Fishing (classroom teaching, group events)

Futuristic Feature (Geodesic Dome, telescope, kinetic or wind energy, mystery object, etc.)

Gardens (see Community, Milkweed, Rain and Wildflower Gardens)

Girl Scouts (Local Troops, badges, special events or projects)

Greenway or Green Rt. connector with McCormick Rd. to other parks

Historic District (include Farmhouse, Barn and McCormick Rd. frontage in present Yellow Breeches Historic District)

Horse Shoes

Horse Trail (perimeter)

Ice Skating (fill low lying area in Winter)

Indoor Riding Ring (other uses possible)

Internship (Equine management student from local or regional college/university)

Lambert Family (see ancestry / history)

Lower Allen Community Park (connector, collaboration / avoid redundancy)

McCormick Family (artifacts, photos, history & influence. Information on Cedar Cliff, Cona and Rosegarden)

McCormick Rd. (walk and bike friendly Greenway or Green Rt. connector to other parks; information boards on distances and historic points of interest)

Meadow (habitat study)

Mechanicsburg Area Parks & Recreation Department (suggestions and collaboration / oversight of programs)

Mechanicsburg Area School District (suggestions and collaboration)

Mechanicsburg Place Senior Center (suggestions)

Messiah Lifeways (suggestions)

Messiah University (suggestions and collaboration)

Milkweed Garden

Native Plantings

Nature Trails (information boards on what to look for)

Open House (designated day for public access during planning process)

Open Space

Paddocks (continued Equine use with some repurposed as Pavilions, etc.)

Parking (carefully considered and integrated; shaded or mitigated with plantings)


Pavilions (repurposed paddocks or new build)

Penn State Extension (venue for programs or classes)

Picnic Areas


Rain Garden

Raspberry Patch (preserve existing large patch)

Restrooms (integrate with possible future Visitors Center)

Riding Rings (existing small and large rings)

Septic System (evaluate on site possibilities and location)

Sign Boards (informational, historical, wayfaring and park rules)

Simpson Public Library (suggestions and collaboration)

Skiing (cross country)

Sleigh Rides (horse drawn)


Summer Programs (adventure camp, classes, clinics, etc)

Trails (nature, exercise, equine, creek access, connectors)

Trees (native varieties to provide shade & aesthetics)

Utility (area & facilities for Township uses)

Visitor Center (longer term consideration in conjunction with park orientation, restroom planning, etc.)

Volunteers (help with equine programs, farm & park maintenance, gardening programs, etc.)

Walking (could include exercise course)

Well Water Supply (evaluate on site possibilities and location)

Wetland Study (alternative site)

Wildflower Garden (large and spectacular, native & perennial plants, attract pollinators)

Yellow Breeches Creek (Watershed Association suggestions & programs, environmental study, alternative site for watercraft access)