Letters and Words of Support

The success of our effort to Save the Farm at 1215 McCormick Rd. and Save the Horses at Total Equine Learning Center depends largely on the support of the community.

Please take a few minutes to email or otherwise share your viewpoint. It would be helpful to say if you are an Upper Allen Township resident.

Letters of Support from Organizations, Community Leaders, and Supporters are encouraged and will be shown first.

Jady, (New Cumberland) September 1, 2021 Thanks for the August 31 update, Eric. I am sad to read that the Park & Recreation Board Chairman was so opposed to horses being part of the vision. As a horse owner and the parent of a child who spent her formative years in a local barn, I can only say good things about the value of learning to care for and communicate with an animal such as a horse. I hope that productive discussion will ensue and that a reasonable understanding of this valuable resource will result. Following with interest.

Billie, (Upper Allen Township) August 24, 2021 Personally, I still feel that horses used for rehabilitative purposes with clients that would benefit from them is a good idea. Also, I am wondering if the school district would be interested in working with children at the farm with gardening and other environmental issues.

Kristin, August 23, 2021 My daughter is about to start equine therapy on Saturday. As a parent of two autistic ADHD children I can not imagine a better use of this space.

Jacqueline, (Dillsburg) August 22, 2021 I grew up on McCormick Rd. in the 1950’s at 649 McCormick Rd. We actually knew the Trout family who lived at 1215 McCormick and swam in their pool and rode horses from their barn. We spent time at Cona as the Green Trees property was renovated. I have photos and am very interested in being a part of this process.

Nancy & Family, June 11, 2021: We are so excited to have just learned about this initiative. We live in Fairview Township and have always enjoyed McCormick Road. Further, our son, now 27 and has autism and intellectual disability, benefited greatly from his involvement with Jo Hocker at TELC. We are all in for this amazing project. Can we get some yard signs? How else can we get involved? This is incredible!!

Kathy, (Lower Allen Township) June 3, 2021: “Let’s have our historic and beautiful area developed passively. We can still save the rescue horses before they are sold at auction. We can preserve the 1855 Lambert farmhouse (which has sadly never been registered as an historic site…). Let us preserve the 1825 Lambert Barn. Help us to continue to preserve the Yellow Breeches, which is a protected watercourse and home and habitat to multiple species of birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals. McCormick Rd. features 12 historic buildings, 2 arched bridges and so many scenic views which will be compromised, if not destroyed, if the road is widened. As of now, this tiny road has a 25 mph speed limit which is neither followed or enforced, endangering children, runners, walkers and bikers.”

Linda, June 2, 2021: “I lived in Lisburn for years when we first moved to this Harrisburg area. Lovely neighborhood, enjoyed many hours at Lower Allen Community Park. I loved hours of walks and drives up and down McCormick so lovely. I will be thrilled to learn of updates of this lovely area. I still frequently drive out there. The nestling backdrop that the Yellow Breaches adds as it winds along is truly a beautiful treasure. Great that Upper Allen has a plan for such a fun place. “

Cora (Fairview Township) June 1, 2021: “The farm has always been special to our family as we like to walk that road and spend time at the creek. When my kids were very young we would take special drives by the farm to say hi to the horses…sure miss seeing them there. If you’d like to place a save the farm sign in our yard we’d be honored! “

Kevin (Upper Allen Township) May 31, 2021: “I run along McCormick Rd. on a daily basis and get to see the beautiful scenery and waterfowl. I would like to connect with Friends of the Farm because I think many of our thoughts regarding conservation in the area align… Looking forward to hearing more and hoping for a passive design!”

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