Community Gardens

Community gardens are becoming more popular as more people are concerned about the sourcing and health of the food they eat, the Covid-19 pandemic, the recreation gardening provides, and the ability to grow things you may not be able to grow at home. It is also a great way to make friends and connect with neighbors.

Community gardens offered by municipalities generally come in various size plots and are self tended by residents. Policies are used to govern such things as pesticide use and abandonment. New Cumberland Borough recently established a community garden program and its policies, as well as those of the National Recreation And Park Association, can serve as a model. There is generally a small fee to pay each year for the use of a plot.

The opportunity for community gardens at 1215 McCormick Rd. would be exceptional given its long usage as a horse farm, the protection of existing fencing, and available water. The Annex building could be used as a classroom for teaching and onsite presentations by Penn State Extension and others.

We hope a Friends of the Farm supporter can expand on this post and share their gardening knowledge, tips, and suggestions for what could be grown on the farm.

Download Grow Your Park Initiative – Building a Community Garden in Your Park. This booklet it provide by the National Recreation and Park Association.

Check out New Cumberland Borough’s Community Garden HERE.

View a sample of New Cumberland Borough’s Community Garden Guidelines.