Happy Yellow Breeches

Happy Yellow Breeches is a 2004 book by Paul A. Miller which provides first person remembrances of working on the Henry McCormick Estate at “Cona”. The book was reprinted (hardback) in October, 2020 with additional material on the “History of the Callapatschink / Yellow Breeches Creek” by Robert Rowland. Copies are available at ybgpress.com.

“Paul Miller has captured a lifetime of history of the Yellow Breeches Creek from Bowmansdale to Lisburn by tapping into the memories of his childhood. If you close your eyes for just a moment after reading these stories and looking at the wonderful pictures, you can almost smell the ground cornmeal, hear the clanking of the boards on the pontoon bridge and hear the laughter of children in a one-room school.”

From the Forward to the First Edition by Jack Ritter, Mayor Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania August 8, 2004